Phantom Of The Ozarks

(Pride's Top Brass x First Alert)

A Horse of a Different Color!

Phantom is producing colored foals with outstanding ability and disposition!

Phantom has consistently sired offspring that compete at the top level of our breed. His get have won numerous Word Championships, World Grand Championships , National Breeders Cup Championships and Mid America Championships.By breeding to Phantom you guarantee color in your foals. Phantom is a DNA tested perlino. Breeding your bay, black, sorrel or chestnut mares to Phantom will ensure that you get a buckskin, palomino or smokey black foal.


Color: Perlino
Cream: Cr/Cr
Red Factor: E/e
Agouti: A/a
Height: 14.3 hands

Stud Fee: $500 | Limited Live Foal Guarantee + Color Guarantee
*Call for info on shipped semen*

National Breeders Championship Stallion


The Sire of Champions!

Phantom's Ozark Jubilee R

Mystical Phantom

Phantom's Prince Charles

Heartbeat Of The Ozarks

Winning Colors

The Phantom Menace

Logan's Pirate Chief

Causin' Chaos

Phantom's Magical Rhythm

Phantastic Fanny

Phantom's Midnight Madness

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