At Alford Stables, we have been mare owners much longer than we have been stallion owners.  This has caused us to look at our breeding program from a different perspective than many others.  It is designed to apply equine reproductive technology in a way that maximizes both the mare and stallion’s reproductive capabilities in an efficient, safe and scientific manner.

In addition to extensive medical and scientific educational backgrounds, we have taken special training in equine reproduction and technology at Colorado State University and the University of Missouri. We are successfully involved in the use of artificial insemination, cooled shipped semen and embryo transfer on both our own mares and those of our clients.

Our attention to detail, persistence and knowledge have allowed many mares to continue producing offspring when others had given up on them.  We take great pride in our ability to achieve successful pregnancies from those mares that present “reproductive challenges”.  Our philosophy is that “the most expensive foal is the one you don’t get”.  Therefore, we try to maximize our efforts to make the most of our client’s breeding dollars. We take care of your mare (and foal) just like they are our own by providing safe, clean facilities, knowledgeable veterinary care and excellent nutritional support.

Alford Stables breeding program has produced seven generations of successful Missouri Fox Trotters.  The key to establishing and maintaining championship bloodlines is to base them on true, natural ability.  There is no substitute for it and nothing else is acceptable.  We look forward with great anticipation to the continued success of our bloodlines within the MFT horse breed and invite you to join us.

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