With over 50 years in the Missouri Foxtrotting business,

Alford Stables is able to offer a quality of Missouri Foxtrotter second to none. Conveniently located in the heart of Fox Trotting country in Buffalo, Missouri, approximately 30 miles north of Springfield just off US Highway 65, we offer show, breeding and trail horses for sale and have an impeccable lineup of breeding stallions.
Our horses are intelligent, willing athletes who will serve you well, whatever your needs. They have excelled in the show ring, have been successful on the trail, appeared in the Tournament of Roses Parade and served as therapeutic riding horses for the physically challenged.
You really need to come and see them to fully appreciate our horses.

What We Offer


The stallions of Alford Stables represent generations of selective breeding for ability, disposition, conformation and athleticism.

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Breeding Program

We have been mare owners much longer than we have been stallion owners. This has caused us to look at our breeding program from a different angle than many. It is designed to apply equine reproductive technology in a way that maximizes both the mare and stallion’s reproductive capabilities in an efficient, safe, and scientific manner.


Horses For Sale

We have a nice selection of horses for sale that will fit a wide variety of needs.

Show Ring Champions

We are proud to present 6 decades of show ring champions!


2022 Updates

Two beautiful Phantom Of The Ozarks offspring

Two beautiful Phantom Of The Ozarks offspring out for a ride

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